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Bailey Ferguson

Account Coordinator

Bailey tackles the toughest marketing challenges by making sure client and agency work in perfect unison.

She jumps right into client problem-solving and applies her unique background in information communication technology to think critically and holistically. She works diligently to connect people and build relationships by ensuring expectations are met and everyone’s on the same page. Being honest and expressive is what makes Bailey such a decisive defender of client success. She cannot live without music, and when it’s time to kick back, her days are spent reading (poetry mostly) and taking in the views at national parks.


  • Bachelor of Science in Information Communication Technology from Florida State University


  • Consumer PR, Tech PR, and Client Relations


  • Junior League of Greater Lakeland (volunteer opportunities)
10 Random Things
  • The majority of all family vacations I went on growing up were to national parks. This still holds true, with the most recent being Glacier National Park (which I consider a life-changing experience)
  • The only thing I can “cook” is pasta out of a box
  • My love for poetry began in high school when I found the voice of Sandra Cisneros
  • Despite being born and raised in Central Florida, I strongly dislike theme parks
  • I graduated from FSU but was raised a Gator, and my mom is a Georgia Bulldog. Go sports?
  • I listen to music every chance I get throughout the day. I also try to get to as many concerts as I can, some of my favorites being Fleetwood Mac and Jackson Browne
  • I have 2 cats that are ridiculous in the best way, 1 of which is on life 5 out of his 9
  • When I was a child I wanted to be a garbage “man” or a truck driver…. I don’t have an explanation for either
  • Middle child syndrome is real, but I still love my 2 sisters with all my heart
  • I recently started a book club with some friends to hold myself accountable for making time to read