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Donya-Faye Wix

Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital marketing woes got you down? Donya-Faye’s infectious enthusiasm and indomitable SEO research skills are guaranteed to brighten your day and send your local search rankings soaring.

As Echo Delta’s Digital Marketing Analyst, Donya-Faye is our go-to for targeted, out-of-the-box strategy, served with a side of sunshine. When she’s not helping clients kickstart their conversion rates, Donya-Faye enjoys aerial yoga, green living and making friends with animals of all shapes and sizes.

10 Random Things
  • My love story began with my partner holding the door open for me for three hours while we talked about all things life. She’s been my soulmate and best friend since.
  • If given any dessert choice…I’ll always choose ice cream.
  • I was a tame child, but during the first grade I would reset my mom’s alarm clock while she was sleeping to avoid going to school. This didn’t end well for me!
  • We have 16 pets (and probably counting); they are 5 dogs, 10 cats and a pig. Most of them are rescues with disabilities and have a special story.
  • I love all trees, except palm trees.
  • We once had a paralyzed pet squirrel who preferred to live in a little globe lantern above our bed in a nest of shredded curtains.
  • Cloudy days make me happiest.
  • Despite living in Florida, I played ice hockey for most of my youth.
  • I once took my 86-year-old grandmother to Hamburger Mary’s. She loved it. I have video evidence.
  • I’ll take on any challenge that is explained well on Youtube. This includes mechanics, plumbing, electrical, crafts, etc.