Jake Heintz

Marketing Automation Strategist

Jake is a tech-savvy automation specialist who takes pride in seeing projects through to the end while improving daily traffic patterns for smooth sailing.

A lifelong Winter Havenite, Jake only ventures beyond his hometown when piloting a plane or taking a vacation. His analytical adaptiveness helps him integrate a background in IT with a variety of digital marketing channels. Jake flips the “autopilot” switch on marketing systems. He says the most satisfying part of the job is tackling a single problem that a client cannot solve and coming up with one fell-swoop solution to all of their biggest problems.

10 Random Things
  • I build my own computers and have done so a few times. I even built my own classic-style Galaga arcade cabinet.
  • I love indie music; the more obscure, the better. My favorites are Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Roosevelt. Call me a hipster, I’ll take it.
  • I was standing in the middle of Stonehenge as the sun came up on the day the world was supposed to end in 2012.
  • I get seasick within 0.0001 seconds of getting on a boat.
  • I can type 125 words per minute and have been able to since 6th grade.
  • I took a legitimate, for-credit college course called Magic and Witchcraft. Watch out.
  • I’ve probably seen every single episode of Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting but never tried to paint along a single time.
  • I once got free front-row tickets to a Coldplay concert and got to high-five the guitarist.
  • I don’t get headaches, ever. I have no idea what they feel like and just assume either everyone is exaggerating or that they’re the worst thing in the world.
  • I can easily be persuaded or manipulated with even just a little bit of white chocolate, particularly Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Bars.