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Jarrett Smith

Partner / VP Strategy

Jarrett is our VP of Strategy and the torchbearer for all things digital. Since joining us in 2014, he’s made it his mission to help clients seize the power of smarter marketing strategies—and reap the rewards. Equal parts straight-shooting pragmatist and stalwart client advocate, clients can count on him to be a faithful steward of their brand and their budget. When he’s not helping to shape the agency’s work, Jarrett manages to put in a healthy amount of practice at jiu jitsu class.


  • Florida Southern College – Bachelor of Arts in Communications,
    Advertising & PR – 2013
  • Earned CORe Credential of Readiness from Harvard Business School – 2017


  • City of Lakeland Social Media Task Force – Member
  • United Way of Central Florida Marketing Committee – Committee Member
  • The Lakelander Magazine – Contributing Editor
10 Random Things
  • For the most part, my idea of fun involves things that are really only fun in retrospect. I’ve completed the Goruck Challenge twice and walked 35 miles in a day as part of Ruck Across America. I’m also a certified CrossFit instructor, which really isn’t even fun in retrospect.
  • I grew up within a mile of my wife, went to the same elementary, high school, and college, and had a ton of mutual friends, but didn’t meet her until we were both teachers at the same school.
  • I’d say I’m a pretty mediocre musician, but somehow I was a member of a couple of notable central Florida bands. It’s what liberal arts majors do.
  • As a teenager, I won state medals in road cycling for the time trial, criterium, and road race. Yes, that involved a significant amount of spandex.
  • I’ve got an uncontrollable sweet tooth, and I’m an unapologetic key lime pie snob. Nellie and Joe’s, folks, Nellie and Joe’s…
  • I’m an Eagle Scout, and I’ve got the knot-tying chops to prove it. You should also know I almost always have a compass in my backpack. Don’t ask.
  • I used to guide backpacking trips in New Mexico, and spent a month with the National Outdoor Leadership School, learning how to navigate glaciers and climb very, very big rocks in the Pacific Northwest.
  • I’m the father of two rowdy, handsome, and endlessly energetic boys that say things like, “This bird will explode your mind.”
  • Personally, I’m in favor of the Oxford comma.
  • I’m pretty sure there’s no situation in life that can’t be made better by week on the Appalachian Trail. That or AC/DC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top” cranked up to 11.