Natalie Dieffenwierth

Project Manager

Natalie’s warm and bubbly character is a ray of sunshine to brighten your day and push through a dark maze of projects with ease. As a marketing professional, she pours pure energy into each and every endeavor, growing with clients in an ever-changing environment. With an associate degree in business administration, Natalie has an eye for the finer details and a talent for cleaning up a mess of marketing milestones, always clearing the pathway for success. She believes life is a fun adventure and embraces the delightful dynamic people bring to the daily grind while guiding projects, task by task, to completion.

Random Facts

When I was a teenager, I used to work summers with my aunt (who was a professional clown), and I would help her with balloon animals and face painting.

I used to play bass and violin.

My favorite meal at any time of day is breakfast.

I love to fix, repair, and build things around the house or in general—it’s fun!