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How to Write Content Gen Z Will Actually Read

Our Copywriter, Jenna MacFarlane, puts together some tips on how to engage younger readers, especially Gen Z, across platforms.

Modernizing Enrollment Management with Geoff Baird

Geoff Baird, CEO of EnrollML, shares practical people and technology insights for modernizing enrollment management. We discuss market dynamics, attention to foundational processes, and how the strategic use of data and machine learning technologies can drive student recruitment.

What Willy Wonka Can Teach Us About Increasing Campus Visitors

Remember the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original 1971 film starring Gene Wilder? A character named Veruca Salt sang a song titled “I Want It Now,” and she wanted everything and wanted it now. Veruca reminds me of colleges and universities these days who want everything, and …

The Next Generation to Visit Your Campus

We experienced parents and their children as a co-purchasing unit for over 20 years with our Boomer/Millennial and Generation X/Generation Z visitors. With the Alpha Generation, we will experience three generations, or multigenerational campus visitors, most likely resulting in a tri-purchasing cohort.

Responsible Revolution: Six Guiding Principles for Experimenting with Generative AI

Nine months after the spectacular public launch of ChatGPT3, the one question nearly every marketing leader has been asked is “So, what are we doing with AI?” The real answer is that marketers have been using different forms of AI for years. It’s just been doing boring, behind-the-scenes work like …

Overcoming the Enrollment Cliff: Strategies for Higher Ed During a Recession

As a higher education professional, I have seen how the decline in enrollment has affected institutions across the country. The enrollment cliff is the phenomenon in which  higher education institutions experience a decline in student enrollment, and it can be challenging to overcome. This decline can be attributed to various …

Optimizing the Campus Visit with Will Patch and Jeff Kallay

In this episode, we dig into the results of a fresh survey from Niche, exploring the campus visit from the perspective of students and parents. Joining the conversation is Will Patch, Senior Enrollment Insights leader at Niche, and Jeff Kallay, SVP of Enrollment Consulting at Echo Delta and leading campus …

Struggling With Admissions Burnout? Consider The Power Of Appreciation

You’ve likely read the recent articles about the high numbers of enrollment professionals leaving the field for greener pastures. I’ve read them too and think there is a bit of a crisis within admissions teams across the country. Every campus my fellow consultants and I have visited this past winter …