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Research Report: Uncovering the Attitudes of Today’s Gen X Parents

In this unique study, we unpack findings from our recent attitudinal segmentation study of Gen X parents with college-bound students. We explore parents’ shared attitudes, opinions, and beliefs about higher education along with closer looks at other topics like parents’ trust in higher ed, views on campus safety, and the campus tour. 

Rightsizing: The Answer Higher Ed Doesn’t Want to Hear

An article was published in Vox recently called, “The Incredible Shrinking Future of College” and it caught my attention. The subtitle intrigued me: “The population of college-age Americans is about to crash. It will change higher education forever.” Cue anything from George Streicher’s Music of the Macabre here. This article …

Engaging New Audiences on Reddit at the University of Georgia

When it comes to social media for higher education, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok dominate the conversation. In this episode, we leave that familiar territory behind to talk about a much less frequently used platform, Reddit. More specifically, we learn how the University of Georgia has been using Reddit to build their brand and reach new audiences with research and science related stories from their newsroom.

Building People-Powered Brands with Jennifer Holland

Many institutions include brand building in their strategic plans, but making those aspirations a reality is challenging. Brand development expert, Jennifer Holland, argues the best way to build an enduring brand is to focus on strong alignment between organizational, marketing, and people strategies. We discuss: Subscribe to the Higher …

Welcome Back, In-Person Conferences – We’ve Missed You

After two years of canceled or virtual conferences, the in-person conference is back and I couldn’t be happier! I love attending, sponsoring, exhibiting, and presenting at higher education conferences. Especially those focused on enrollment, admission, marketing, and the campus visit. Friends, families and even co-workers chuckle at the ease and …

The State of the Campus Visit With Jeff Kallay

The campus visit is a make-or-break moment for traditional undergraduates. Yet, as schools around the country have made their way back to campus, selling the residential experience has been anything but business as usual. In this episode, we explore the current state of the campus visit and some of …

Making DEI Practical at University of St. Thomas

Hear from two marketing leaders at the University of St. Thomas – Minnesota about their efforts to make diversity, equity, and inclusion less intimidating and more actionable for their marketing team and the work they produce.