Tiffany Taunton

Senior Visual Designer

Tiffany has been making the world a more beautiful place since she started whipping up designs on her Bondi Blue iMac at age 13. If you need a fresh brand identity, a website that bucks industry standards, or an indestructible Death Star pinata, she’s your lady. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from the International Academy of Design and Technology, Tiffany has a seasoned eye for impactful design, sharp copy, and smart UI. When she’s not in the middle of an extreme brand makeover, she’s likely getting her hands dirty with sawdust, paint, and wood stains or refueling her creative tanks at the nearest beach.

Random Facts

I’m working toward the goal of living on a sailboat and adventuring around the world.

I suffer from laridaphobia – the fear of sea gulls. I just may be that person who obnoxiously scolds tourists and others who feed them on the beach just before hiding under a towel.

I love to travel, but only if the main tourist staples are completely avoided. (Performing arts shows in the basement of a NYC Mexican restaurant totally beats anything on Broadway, IMO.)

I am notorious for eating the entire jar of salsa with chips before anyone else has a chance.