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Sales Training Workshops for Admissions Teams

Engaging in Echo Delta’s Sales Training program has been truly enlightening for our admissions team. Emphasizing ethics in recruitment and the effective use of technology has not only brought our strategies in line with our institution’s core values but has also distinguished us in a competitive arena. The continuous mentorship and support provided have proven invaluable, ensuring our ongoing evolution and success.

John Robinson

Vice President of Enrollment Management
Webber International University

The college recruitment process is more challenging than ever. Declining graduation rates, lack of confidence in higher ed, and the great resignation have all introduced new challenges to admissions representatives across the globe. 

In order to recruit students and reach enrollment goals, your admissions team must function as your sales team. But admissions representatives usually don’t receive the sales training or knowledge they need to be successful.

Inspire a Passionate, Skilled Admissions Team That Transforms Your Enrollment Numbers

Our Sales Training Workshop energizes admissions representatives to become empathetic advisors and ambassadors of your institution, deeply aligned with your values and vision.

The Sales Training Workshop Includes:

  • Tailored Teachings: Our in-depth curriculum will help you identify your institution’s unique attributes and make sure you’re using the best technology to recruit students.
  • Empowering Discussions: Learn how to build strong relationships based on integrity, honesty, and ethical best practices, keeping every student’s long-term success in mind.
  • Engaging Training: Apply your newfound knowledge through interactive sessions including role-play, real-world scenarios, and group discussions.

Training Outcomes:

  • Advanced Communication and Empathy: By improving your communications skills, your team can forge deeper connections with prospective students.
  • Boosted Enrollment Figures: Deeper connections will help you reach your recruitment goals as you move students through the funnel in meaningful ways.
  • Future-Proof Recruitment Strategies: Attract the next generation of students by adapting and building new skills as higher ed evolves.
Scott Rhodes
Chris Lewis

Scott and Chris will lead your Sales Training Workshop.

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With a collaborative spirit and data-driven strategies, our team is here to help you sell the transformational experience of higher ed. 

Book a 30 minute meeting with Scott Rhodes to get started.

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Session Add-Ons

Ongoing Coaching

Once you’ve finished the Sales Training Workshop, keep building your skills with Ongoing Coaching. We’ll tailor one-on-one sessions to support your team’s growth, adaptability, and long-term strategy, ensuring enduring recruitment success.

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Kind words and compliments we've received from schools like yours.
“Your visit was energizing and inspiring in every way.”
Bethany Perkins
Assistant Vice President and Director of Admission
Miami University
“King’s College is grateful to Jeff Kallay and Echo Delta for their expert consultation. Since our collaboration, King’s College has seen a 15% increase in visitors to our fall Open House programs. The number of total campus visits is up 25% and the number of students that have visited campus 3 or more times has increased 46%.”
Chris Dearth
Vice President for Enrollment Management
King's College
“Both personally and professionally I am most grateful for our partnership with Echo Delta. Furman’s collaboration and relationship with Echo Delta have been inspiring and transformational on many levels.”
Brad Pochard
Former Associate Vice President for Enrollment
Furman University
“Jeff and the entire team at Echo Delta continue to be invaluable resources as we evolve our campus visit program. Both as a strategic partner and colleague, Jeff’s experience is second to none. I look forward to our continued partnership as we seek to make our visits more authentic, engaging and impactful.”
Anthony Cappa
Senior Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Duquesne University
“In the world of enrollment and campus visits, Jeff Kallay stands alone. His assessments and suggestions are tailored to the unique strengths of the university. His training for students and staff are some of the best professional development available. Working with Jeff is one of the best investments a campus can make.”
Mary Kreta
Vice President of Enrollment Management and Strategic Initiatives

University of Montana
“Jeff Kallay and Echo Delta have been excellent to work with! Jeff was instrumental in the development of our Campus Visit Center, and now with his work at Echo Delta, he has continued to partner with us as we grow and develop over the years. His insight and experience is unmatched, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to work with him.”
Morgan Alford, M.A.
Associate Director of Campus Visit Experience

The University of Alabama at Birmingham