Admissions Representative Sales Training

Both personally and professionally I am most grateful for our partnership with Echo Delta. Furman’s collaboration and relationship with Echo Delta have been inspiring and transformational on many levels.

Brad Pochard

Associate Vice President for Enrollment
Furman University

Declining birth rates, lack of confidence in higher education, and the great resignation have combined to make the college recruitment process more challenging than ever. The higher education sales team—more commonly known as admissions representatives— has traditionally not received the sales training or higher education knowledge they need to be successful. 

But when admissions reps can fill in this missing piece—and learn how to sell—they’re able to help more students get enrolled and excited about their college experiences.

We created this comprehensive sales training seminar in collaboration with James Gilmore, co-author of The Experience Economy, to train both new and seasoned admissions representatives on how to sell the transformative power of higher education.

Customizable Training for Your Priorities

First, we will collaborate with you to determine topics and techniques that are most relevant to your institution. Then, one of our seasoned admissions experts will visit your campus to deliver an engaging seminar to your admissions staff.

A few evergreen topics include:

  • Sales: specific, research-based strategies for selling an experience-based product
  • Finances: talking to families about money in a comfortable and confident way
  • Generations: understanding today’s audience and how to communicate with them

In addition to these, we’ll teach your admissions staff how to use data effectively, overcome rejection in the sales process, create engaging presentations, and more. 

Sell the Meaningful Experience of Higher Ed

Many admissions representatives talk to students like they’re selling a car. But college is so much more than that: it’s a life-changing experience unlike any other. Selling an experience is vastly different than selling a product, which is why we base our training around The Experience Economy, seeking not to push a product, but to turn the mundane to memorable.

As part of your seminar, you’ll hear directly from co-author James Gilmore about how to stage engaging experiences that sell.

We also borrow from sources like Little Red Book of Selling (Jeffrey Gitomer), Life’s a Pitch (Don Peppers), Rejection Proof (Jia Jiang), and the writings of Howe & Strauss and Jean M. Twenge, as well as recent research from Echo Delta, Encoura, Niche, R&L and others.

Session Add-Ons

You Are Very Important – Lawn Mower Parents, Storytelling, and Tour Guide Best Practices

Learn about modern parents and students to optimize your campus visit. Get tips on introductions, expectation-setting, delivering the campus tour, and closing it with intention.

Connecting with Gen X Parents and Gen Z Students

Understand generational theory and the current state of enrollment. Meet today’s audience and become an expert on recruitment and admissions across the funnel.

Thank you notes
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Kind words and compliments we've received from schools like yours.
“Your visit was energizing and inspiring in every way.”
Bethany Perkins
Assistant Vice President and Director of Admission
Miami University
“King’s College is grateful to Jeff Kallay and Echo Delta for their expert consultation. Since our collaboration, King’s College has seen a 15% increase in visitors to our fall Open House programs. The number of total campus visits is up 25% and the number of students that have visited campus 3 or more times has increased 46%.”
Chris Dearth
Vice President for Enrollment Management
King's College
“Both personally and professionally I am most grateful for our partnership with Echo Delta. Furman’s collaboration and relationship with Echo Delta have been inspiring and transformational on many levels.”
Brad Pochard
Associate Vice President for Enrollment
Furman University
“Jeff and the entire team at Echo Delta continue to be invaluable resources as we evolve our campus visit program. Both as a strategic partner and colleague, Jeff’s experience is second to none. I look forward to our continued partnership as we seek to make our visits more authentic, engaging and impactful.”
Anthony Cappa
Senior Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Duquesne University
“In the world of enrollment and campus visits, Jeff Kallay stands alone. His assessments and suggestions are tailored to the unique strengths of the university. His training for students and staff are some of the best professional development available. Working with Jeff is one of the best investments a campus can make.”
Mary Kreta
Vice President of Enrollment Management and Strategic Initiatives

University of Montana
“Jeff Kallay and Echo Delta have been excellent to work with! Jeff was instrumental in the development of our Campus Visit Center, and now with his work at Echo Delta, he has continued to partner with us as we grow and develop over the years. His insight and experience is unmatched, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to work with him.”
Morgan Alford, M.A.
Associate Director of Campus Visit Experience

The University of Alabama at Birmingham