Struggling to get enough campus visitors?

We’ll help you identify what’s missing in your marketing strategy and develop recommendations to increase your registrations.

When it comes to the campus visit, each step of your marketing plan matters. Every email, promotional campaign and lead gen tactic should align with your enrollment goals. 

If you’re not getting enough visit slots filled, something’s not working.

Luckily, we’re pretty good at this stuff—our seasoned consultants have been at this for decades. We can take a look at your campus visit marketing strategy and help you identify a course of action to  increase your registrations and get students showing up. 

With a Campus Visit Communication Audit, our team will:

  1. Take a deep dive into your visit data 
  2. Review your existing marketing materials and promotional strategies
  3. Provide comprehensive recommendations on how to increase campus visitors, create desire, and decrease no-shows and cancellations

Our Consultants

Jeff Kallay

Senior VP of Enrollment Consulting

Scott Rhodes

Senior VP of Enrollment Consulting

Laura Martin Fedich

Senior VP of Enrollment Consulting

Set up a Campus Visit Communication Audit