Campus Visit Consulting

Both personally and professionally I am most grateful for our partnership with Echo Delta. Furman’s collaboration and relationship with Echo Delta have been inspiring and transformational on many levels.

Brad Pochard

Associate Vice President for Enrollment
Furman University

Elevate Your Campus Visit Experience

The campus visit is an ever-evolving touchpoint. Each year, you encounter new families, new expectations, and new competition (along with new staff, new priorities, and new challenges). We help you benchmark your campus visit program against colleges and universities around the country and create one-of-a-kind visit experiences to help you stand out and turn applications into enrollments.

Client Wins

Based on Echo Delta’s visit consultation, King’s College has seen a 15% increase in visitors to fall Open House programs. Total campus visits increased 25% from previous years and students visiting campus 3 or more times increased 46%. Due in large part to these increases, the number of freshman applications is running 10% ahead of previous cycles.

increase in students visiting campus 3+ times

Uncovering Your Campus DNA

We work hard to understand the unique dynamic of your campus environment and your most pressing challenges. By participating in your existing campus tour and speaking with your staff, tour guides, and students, we’re able to zero in on your unique “campus DNA”–the unique value propositions that will create an engaging campus visit.

Actionable Plans That Make a Difference

Just like a communications flow, successful campus visits take careful planning. From registration to campus aesthetics to enrollment goals, we’ll take a holistic view of your campus tour and deliver fresh, practical ideas to address your challenges and elevate your visit experience.

Training Your Team

With a firm plan in place, we’ll help you bring it to life by training your team on the fundamentals of creating a standout campus visit experience. When we’re done, your campus community will understand the importance of the campus visit and how they can contribute to a memorable and engaging experience.

Collaborating with Echo Delta and Jeff Kallay was extremely beneficial! Not only did we learn about areas where we can improve our visit program, but also areas where we already excel. It was great to hear best practices and get recommendations customized for our campus, all while having the opportunity to ask questions every step of the way. The after-action report was great, and we refer to it often as we make changes to our visit program.

Amber L. Wood

Senior Associate Director of Recruitment, Events and Campus Visit
Kent State University