Florida Polytechnic University

A Dynamic STEM School Embarks on an Ambitious New Chapter

A lot has changed since Florida Poly opened its doors in 2014. In just a few short years, the university has rapidly outgrown its start-up status, emerging as an accredited leader in STEM education and pioneering an innovative new path for Florida’s economic future. With an exciting Phase II on the horizon, Florida Poly enlisted Echo Delta to help them engage a high-performing, highly selective prospect pool while claiming their place as one of the country’s preeminent research institutions.

Ideation & Execution

We set to work on creating an enrollment campaign to help Florida Poly court a discerning target audience and establish their reputation as one of the finest STEM schools in the nation.

Welcome book

Sleek designs and striking visuals. Content that showcases real students solving complex real-world problems. And absolutely, positively no “new kid on the block” talk.

Engineering an ultramodern visual language

Bold design choices gave the campaign a freshly futuristic feel. Think Elon, not Epcot.

FPU visual language

Print has its place (even in today’s high-tech world)

A comprehensive Guidance Counselor Guide compiled need-to-know admissions info into one handy resource.

FPU Counselor Booklet

Attracting interest on the digital frontier

Targeted display ads helped drive traffic to informative landing pages with enticing calls to action.

Florida Poly Digital ad: Become an innovator at Florida's most cutting-edge university.
Florida Poly Digital ad: You've got big ideas. We'll help you turn them into the next big thing.
Florida Poly Digital ad: Become today's answer to tomorrow's questions.
Florida Poly Digital ad: We don't change with the world. We change it.

Innovation in your inbox

Audience-segmented emails provided a platform for compelling content, including student success stories, university news, and deadline reminders from the Florida Poly admissions team.

Example headlines for the emails

Turning an acceptance letter into an event

For the pièce de résistance, we designed a custom welcome package for admitted students and packed it full of exciting surprises, including a celebratory augmented reality experience.

FPU Box Exterior
FPU Box Interior

The Reaction

The updated enrollment campaign has garnered a particularly favorable response from a powerful set of influencers—high school guidance counselors. Now armed with the latest information about the university, counselors have started referring high-achieving, STEM-focused students to Florida Poly in significantly higher numbers, much to the delight of our client.

The Results

Since rolling out the new campaign, Florida Poly has seen an upward trend in engagement from its previous admissions cycle. In fact, total yield has increased by 50 percent in the current year-to-date.

Year-to-date increase in student yield for the current enrollment cycle