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University of the Ozarks

The Acceptance Pack That Convinces Adventurous Students to Enroll

The University of the Ozarks is one of our longtime and beloved clients. We’ve worked alongside them for years to create timely, authentic admit packages for their prospective students who have been accepted, but not yet enrolled. When they reached out to us looking for new ideas and a refreshed acceptance pack, we delivered.

Before Decision Day, experiences matter most

Research shows us that, even though they’re digital natives, Gen Z students are looking for authentic, real-life marketing touchpoints on their college search. They want more than emails and envelopes. They want experiences they can feel.

Unwrapping a package with your name on it is exciting and anticipatory. So, to move more prospective U of O students from “accepted” to “enrolled,” we knew we needed to send them something special to show them the Ozarks experience before they even set foot on campus.

Armed with knowledge from our student survey, we knew Ozarks students loved the outdoors and everything the local landscape had to offer. We also knew Ozarks students are experience-oriented; they’re adventurers. To appeal to them, we saw an opportunity to create an out-of-the-box acceptance package that convinces them to enroll.

We designed goodies that Ozarks students would love and use: colorful pins, sustainable stickers, and a trendy belt bag. We also included a Welcome Book, containing all the most important details about college life and how to get grounded on campus.

We topped it off with an acceptance letter, rolled with twine, and celebratory crinkle paper. And as for the box itself? We took advantage of every surface, leveraging clever copy and QR codes to spur students to enroll.

University of the Ozarks Admit Box Direct Mail

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