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Getting Your Campus Social Media Strategy Right

Arguably, social media managers have one of the most demanding yet least understood jobs in higher ed marketing. The hours are long, the visibility is high, and the resources to do the job well are often lacking.

Enter Liz Gross, CEO of social listening agency Campus Sonar. A higher ed veteran with first-hand experience managing institutional social media accounts, Liz recently published a new book called Fundamentals of Social Media Strategy: A Guide for College Campuses to serve as a comprehensive guide for higher ed social media managers and the leaders they report to.

Liz is a passionate advocate for getting social media right, and the advice she delivers in this episode spans the lofty and strategic to the practical and tactical. She explains the importance of starting with the right goals and why “go viral” and “engage our audience” should never be goals. Then, Liz talks about the crucial role of executive leadership in supporting campus social media efforts and argues that leaders should plan to allocate a minimum of $100,000 annually to properly manage social media.

Later in the conversation, Liz outlines a practical framework for making content development sustainable and then describes the core components of a robust social media policy to guide official social media activities.

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