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    Marketing Analytics: How to Build Your Team’s Credibility and Data Savvy

    Tracking and attributing marketing activities in the real world is far from straightforward. In this episode, analytics consultant and agency vet, Chris Sietsema, explains how analytics-savvy organizations get it right.

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    8 Ways to Rethink Yield Strategy During the Pandemic

    As data pours in telling us that admission applications and FAFSA filings are down at many schools around the country, enrollment managers are grappling with how to improve yield. Laura Martin-Fedich suggests strategies for rethinking yield strategy in these incredibly challenging times.

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    Strategies for Engaging Parents During College Search

    In this episode, we talk with Will Patch from about strategies for more effectively engaging parents during the college search process and review the results of a recent parent survey his team conducted.

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    Getting Your Campus Social Media Strategy Right

    Arguably, social media managers have one of the most demanding yet least understood jobs in higher ed marketing. The hours are long, the visibility is high, and the resources to do the job well are often lacking. Enter Liz Gross, CEO of social listening agency Campus Sonar. A higher ed veteran with first-hand experience managing […]

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    How to Optimize Your Website for Search in 2021

    Echo Delta's Senior SEO Strategist, Catherine Reich, joins us to discuss the long-term trends shaping organic search today, along with a major algorithm update Google will be rolling out in 2021. 

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    Does Your School Need a Rebrand or a Brand Evolution?

    Few higher ed marketing projects are as high-stakes and stress-inducing as a complete overhaul of your school’s brand. Fortunately, complete rebrands are often unnecessary. Instead, what’s needed is a brand evolution.

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    Journey Mapping at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

    Companies like Amazon, GoPro, Zappos, Uber, and Apple have demonstrated again and again that having a deep understanding of who one’s customers are and how they make decisions is one of the most powerful competitive advantages an organization can possess. Over the years, marketers have devised a number of tools like buyer personas, empathy maps, […]

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    How to Use Financial Aid Leveraging Most Effectively

    To put it simply, financial aid leveraging is the strategic use of institutional funds to impact enrollment and manage net tuition revenue. Enrollment management is crucial to the long-term success of many institutions because, for colleges and universities, tuition revenue can make up 70% or more of their budget. As such, the ability for institutions […]

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    Top 6 Characteristics of a Successful Chief Enrollment Officer

    The role of the chief enrollment officer has always been critical to a college’s success, but perhaps no more so than it is today. A successful chief enrollment officer is all at once a business-minded go-getter, a catalyst for change, a strategic marketer and a keen analyst. Wondering what you can do to ensure you’re […]

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    Six Resources for Enrolling Your Next Class and Bringing Students Back This Fall.

    The coronavirus pandemic has already cost your school millions of dollars. Many colleges and universities had to refund housing and tuition fees this spring. Countless institutions are planning to limit summer classes to an online-only format, if they’re planning to offer them at all. As you consider ways to attract new students for the fall […]

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