Struggling With Admissions Burnout? Consider The Power Of Appreciation

You’ve likely read the recent articles about the high numbers of enrollment professionals leaving the field for greener pastures. I’ve read them too and think there is a bit of a crisis within admissions teams across the country. Every campus my fellow consultants and I have visited this past winter …

This Yield Season, Don’t Leave Out Your Most Important Partner

It’s yield season in admissions, and enrollment departments across America are hard at work turning admitted students into enrolled students. We should always be in yield mode, as waiting until the late winter is much too late for this important work to begin. Just like March Madness, income taxes, and …

Rightsizing: The Answer Higher Ed Doesn’t Want to Hear

An article was published in Vox recently called, “The Incredible Shrinking Future of College” and it caught my attention. The subtitle intrigued me: “The population of college-age Americans is about to crash. It will change higher education forever.” Cue anything from George Streicher’s Music of the Macabre here. This article …

Research Report: Uncovering the Attitudes of Today’s Gen X Parents

In this unique study, we unpack findings from our recent attitudinal segmentation study of Gen X parents with college-bound students. We explore parents’ shared attitudes, opinions, and beliefs about higher education along with closer looks at other topics like parents’ trust in higher ed, views on campus safety, and the campus tour. 

Welcome Back, In-Person Conferences – We’ve Missed You

After two years of canceled or virtual conferences, the in-person conference is back and I couldn’t be happier! I love attending, sponsoring, exhibiting, and presenting at higher education conferences. Especially those focused on enrollment, admission, marketing, and the campus visit. Friends, families and even co-workers chuckle at the ease and …

8 Ways to Rethink Yield Strategy During the Pandemic

As data pours in telling us that admission applications and FAFSA filings are down at many schools around the country, enrollment managers are grappling with how to improve yield. Laura Martin-Fedich suggests strategies for rethinking yield strategy in these incredibly challenging times.

Does Your School Need a Rebrand or a Brand Evolution?

Few higher ed marketing projects are as high-stakes and stress-inducing as a complete overhaul of your school’s brand. Fortunately, complete rebrands are often unnecessary. Instead, what’s needed is a brand evolution.