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Growing Enrollment at the University of the Ozarks

Growing Enrollment at University of the Ozarks (Part 1)

Small, private liberal arts colleges face significant headwinds as they try to grow enrollment. Despite these challenges, University of the Ozarks, Arkansas’ oldest private liberal arts university, has managed to buck this trend. In part one of this two-part episode, we talk with Reggie Hill, Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment at Ozarks, and Amy Lloyd, Director of Marketing. We touch on how Ozarks has better aligned marketing and enrollment, how they’ve taken smart, calculated risks in promoting the university, and we dive deep into the specific strategies they use to stay connected to the younger generation they hope to reach.

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making data meaningful cover art

Making Data Meaningful at Southeastern University

Marketers and enrollment managers are swimming in data, but making it digestible and actionable is easier said than done. In this episode, we talk with Ken Reaves, Director of Research and Strategic Projects at Southeastern University. Ken is an expert when it comes to combining hardcore data and research with creative storytelling, and he’s got tons of advice for anybody looking to make their data more compelling and actionable.

We discuss:

  • synergies between marketing and institutional research
  • the specific techniques and thought processes he follows to create compelling, story-driven narratives that bring numbers to life
  • potential pitfalls associated with data-driven decision making
  • how to nurture a more data-driven culture.

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CRM-Powered Digital Marketing

CRM-Powered Digital Marketing at Messiah College / ep. 6

Historically, CRMs have been seen as a tool for Admissions, but today’s CRMs are capable of so much more. In this episode, Kris Hardy, Director of Web and Digital Marketing at Messiah College, stops by to share how the school’s CRM has transformed their digital marketing efforts.

We discuss:

  • How the CRM has changed the way the marketing team interacts with their colleagues in other departments
  • Specific challenges the Messiah team encountered as they began rolling out larger volumes of personalized, automated communication
  • Smart tactics they’ve implemented on their website around personalization and how they gather leads.

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Engineering Word of Mouth with Daniel Lemin

Research suggests roughly 75% of students use word of mouth to help determine what school to attend, yet few schools have an intentional strategy for generating positive word of mouth.

In this episode, we talk with Daniel Lemin, co-author along with Jay Baer of a new book on the topic called Talk Triggers. Daniel lays out an actionable framework higher ed marketers can use to create the kinds of unique and memorable talk triggers students can’t help sharing.


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Uncovering Hidden Audience Insights with Susan Baier

Susan Baier’s research focuses on uncovering how groups of people think and feel as they make important decisions, like selecting a college. We discuss specific ways schools have used her research to improve their enrollment and advancement efforts by better understanding critical attitudinal differences in their target audiences.

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Guerrilla Website Governance with Shelley Keith

We talk non-invasive website governance strategies with Shelley Keith, Senior Strategist at Modern Tribe.

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The Chief Enrollment Management Officer with Mike Reilly / ep. 2

We talk about the evolving role of the chief enrollment management officer with Mike Reilly, the Executive Director of the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers.

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Higher Ed Marketing Lab Episode 1 • Digital Transformation with Chris Aarons

Digital Transformation with Chris Aarons

We talk digital transformation with Chris Aarons, co-author of The Digital Helix, a Wall Street Journal bestseller that outlines how organizations can embrace their own digital first approach.

Show Notes & Transcript