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    The State of the Campus Visit with Jeff Kallay

     The campus visit is a make-or-break moment for traditional undergraduates. Yet, as schools around the country have made their way back to campus, selling the residential experience has been anything but business as usual. In this episode, we explore the current state of the campus visit and some of the most important challenges facing […]

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    Making DEI Practical at University of St. Thomas

    Hear from two marketing leaders at the University of St. Thomas - Minnesota about their efforts to make diversity, equity, and inclusion less intimidating and more actionable for their marketing team and the work they produce.

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    Fostering Collaboration Across Decentralized Marketing Teams at UT San Antonio

    We speak with marketing leaders at the University of Texas at San Antonio and how operational changes they made during COVID led them to greater levels of collaboration across the universities decentralized marketing teams.

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    Differentiating Your School Through Smart Strategy

    Dr. Chuck Bamford, author of The Strategy Mindset 2.0, joins us to talk about how schools can develop a sound strategy to differentiate their offerings and attract more right-fit students.

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    Managing a Team That Spans Four Generations

    In the fourth and final episode of our VP Summer Series, we talk with Kevin Kropf, EVP of Enrollment at Drury University, about generational theory and managing teams that span multiple generations.

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    How to Win Faculty and Influence Staff (and Athletics)

    We talk with Brad Pochard, AVP for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions at Furman University, about building stronger, more collaborative relationships with colleagues across the campus.

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    Trusted Advisors: Working Well with the Board of Trustees

    In this episode, we sit down with Joel Bauman, SVP of Enrollment at Duquesne University, and Karen Foust, former EVP of Enrollment at Hendrix College, to talk about the finer points of building collaborative, productive relationships with board members.

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    Becoming a VP (Or Becoming One on Another Campus)

    We talk with Mary Napier of Napier Executive Search about what it takes to be a strong candidate for a VP-level enrollment position.

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    Understanding Financial Aid Leveraging with Dr. Jimmy Jung

    In this episode, Dr. Jimmy Jung joins us to talk about financial aid leveraging--the common and sometimes controversial practice of using data-driven approaches to inform how schools use institutional funds to manage enrollment and tuition revenue.

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    How to Give Better Creative Feedback with Rachel Newell

    How to Give Better Feedback on Creative Work

    Giving good feedback on creative work can be surprisingly tricky. Rachel Newell, Echo Delta's Creative Director, discusses how to deliver the feedback your creative team needs to unlock their potential and do their best work.

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